Registration fees

Fees are payable for new registrations and on an annual basis thereafter to retain the entry in the register (annual renewal). 

The fees are prescribed by Treasury in the Data Protection (Fees) Regulations 2018 (SD2018/0169) and are currently set at:

(Note: The fee structure is still being considered by Council of Ministers and fees may change in the future.)

Exemption from payment of fees

The Fees Regulations provide exemption from fees for certain "relevant bodies". 

In order to claim the exemption from payment of fees, relevant bodies must only process personal data for the following purposes:

Examples of processing which may fall within the above categories includes the use of a website, recording details of persons to whom the relevant body provides activities (for example, respite services for carers, or day care for sufferers of the particular illness which is the focus of the relevant body), promoting fundraising events (subject to compliance with the Unsolicited Communications Regulations 2005) or the vetting of staff or volunteers (where this is necessary and in accordance with law).

However, certain processing of personal data by relevant bodies, in particular CCTV, is outside the purposes which benefit from fee exemption and fees will be payable.

Exemption from fees also applies to members of, or candidates for membership of, Tynwald or a Local Authority, where the processing of personal data relates only to that membership or seeking the support of the electorate.