Compliance resources

A Toolkit and Closer Look guides are available on the website which will assist organisations in reviewing compliance with the current legislation and inform preparation for compliance with the GDPR. 

However, businesses on the Island subject to the GDPR should look firstly to guidance and advice from the European Data Protection Board (currently known as the Article 29 Working Party) and then to guidance issued by the supervisory authority in the relevant EU Member State (i.e. where goods and services are primarily offered). 


The European Data Protection Board/EU Article 29 Working Party

These legal guidelines should be the first resources to consider for any compliance or interpretative considerations.

The guidelines issued to date cover:

 Go to the Article 29 Working Party website

The UK Information Commissioner

There is section of the website dedicated to the GDPR.

 Go to the UK ICO webpage

In particular, there is a section on 'documentation' which includes a checklist and templates for controllers and processors to use to document the processing of personal data.

The Irish Data Protection Commissioner

An introductory document has been released for organisations to help them in preparing for GDPR. The GDPR and You” lists 12 steps which organisations should be taking to be GDPR ready by 25 May 2018. 

Go to the Irish DPC website


Other resources