Issue of Notices by the Commissioner

The Commissioner may issue three types of Notice to a public authority:

Decision Notice

A decision notice will be issued when the Commissioner has dealt with a complaint about how a public authority handled an FOI request.  The decision notice will state:

There is no power for the Commissioner to vary or cancel a decision notice.

Information Notice

An Information Notice can be issued to a public authority when the Commissioner 

The information must be supplied in the form, and within the time frame, specified in the notice.

The Commissioner may cancel an Information Notice.

Enforcement Notice

An Enforcement Notice can be issued to a public authority if the Information Commissioner is satisfied that a public authority has failed to comply with a requirement of Part 2 (access to information held by public authorities).

The notice will specify the steps required to be taken by the public authority and the time frame for doing so.

The Commissioner may cancel an Enforcement Notice.

Appeals against Notices

A public authority cannot appeal any notice to the Commissioner. 

Appeals against notices may be made on a point of law to the High Court in accordance with the Rules of Court.