Decision Notices

Decision Notices issued by the Information Commissioner will be made available here and can also be found in the Document Library.

A Decision Notice cannot be amended or cancelled by the Information Commissioner, but can be appealed to the High Court on a point of law by the review applicant or the public authority.  

The High Court may uphold, amend or cancel the Decision Notice. 

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Decision Notice    Date of Issue  

Public Authority

  Description   Outcome for Applicant    Exemptions / Sections 


  14 November 2021   Cabinet Office   Absolute exemption, practical refusal reason, overlapping requests   No upheld   23(d), 11(2)(b)


  07 June 2021   Department of Health and Social Care (now Manx Care)   Requests for "information held", multipart requests, practical refusal reason application, good practice advice for Public Authority and Requester   Partially upheld in respect of one point   8, 11, 15, 


  01 March 2021   Manx Museum and National Trust    Application of exemptions, personal data, economic interests, deceased person, demonstrating application of exemptions, describing balance of public interest   Upheld   25(2), 30(2)(b)


  29 January 2021   Department of Health and Social Care   Application of exemption, PI test, without sight of information, internal review, Code of Practice   Upheld   30


  20 October 2020   Cabinet Office   Neither confirm or deny, absolutely exempt personal data   Upheld   19, 25


  22 April 2020   Manx Utilities   Held, scope of request, searches, practical refusal reason, Code of Practice   Not upheld   9, 11


  26 November 2019   Department of Education, Sport & Culture   Demonstrating application of exemption and balance of public interest, responding to request for information, searches, conduct of public business, content of refusal notice   Upheld   12, 17, 18, 35


  10 September 2019   Port St Mary Commissioners   Practical refusal reason, vexatious etc. request, Code of Practice, demonstrating application of exemption, Absolute exemption - reasonably accessible, refusal notice, time for responding, advice and assistance   Partially upheld   11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, 20, 25, 26, 60


  21 January 2019   Cabinet Office   ADR, scope of request   Not upheld    


  6 December 2018   Cabinet Office   Absolute exemption   Not upheld   21(3)(b)


  6 November 2018   Cabinet Office   Held, practical refusal reason, application of exemption, demonstrating exemption applies Code of Practice compliance   Upheld   11(3)(a),35


  22 May 2018   Financial Intelligence Unit   Held, practical refusal reason, refusal notice   Not upheld    


  21 May 2018   Department of Infrastructure   Application of absolute exemption (further to DN2017/0004), onus on public authority to demonstrate exemption applies   Upheld   26


  17 May 2018   Cabinet Office   Application of exemptions, refusal notice, extended processing period   Upheld   35


  16 March 2018   Department of Infrastructure   Held, searches, application of qualified exemption, advice and assistance, refusal notices, practical refusal reasons, internal review   Partially upheld   30(2)(b)


  2 March 2018   Cabinet Office   Application of exemptions, personal data, fairness   Not upheld   25


  27 February 2018   Department of Health and Social Care   Advice and assistance, refusal notice content, information held for the purposes of FOIA, statistical information, late application of exemption    Upheld   4(1), 15, 18, 25, 36


  15 February 2018   The Treasury   Application of exemptions, personal data, fairness   Not upheld   25


  22 December 2017   Cabinet Office   Application of exemptions, LPP, PI, application of exemptions to discrete information, records of consideration, PI considerations not generic but relevant to the information sought   Partially upheld   34,40


  12 December 2017   Department of Education and Children   Statistical information, personal data, future publication   Upheld   25,41


  4 August 2017   The Chief Constable   Issue of refusal notices, anonymised personal data   Upheld   18, 25
2016/0004    21 November 2016   Cabinet Office     Application of exemptions    Not upheld   20, 35(c) 
2016/0003   26 October 2016   Cabinet Office  

Time for compliance, application of absolute personal information exemption/content of refusal notice 


Partially upheld - no action required

  12, 17, 18, 25
2016/0002   23 September 2016  

Cabinet Office

  Scope and reasonableness of searches   Not upheld   Part 2 FOIA, section 14,
2016/0001     26 August 2016    Cabinet Office       

Review applicant's complaint about a named officer


Partially upheld - action required

  8, 20, 25(2)(a)