Using CCTV?

Published On:Thursday, February 09, 2017


Organisations and people using CCTV, and similar surveillance camera systems, such as dash-cams and body-worn devices, must comply with the Data Protection Act.  This includes the use of appropriate signage and the need for a register entry in most cases.

Surveillance equipment must be used in a way that complies with the data protection principles and respects the privacy of others as far as possible. Failure to comply with the principles may cause damage or distress to an individual and may render the organisation liable to claims for compensation.

   The UK Information Commissioner has recently prosecuted a business owner using in-store CCTV for failing to have a register entry

  The Scottish Court awards damages of more than £17,000 in total for the "extreme stress" they suffered as a result of the "highly intrusive" use of CCTV systems by the owner of a neighbouring property

CCTV users on the Island must ensure that they comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act and are strongly recommended to read the Commissioner's guidance which is available below and on the website by following this link.