Right of access

The right of access to personal data is the fundamental right that allows you to ask for, and be provided with, the personal data that an organisation processes about you.

This is a right to information that is your "personal data", not to copies of documents etc..

The guidance note "Making a subject access request" includes examples of letters you can send.  Other guidance notes on subject access requests are available below.

In brief:

No response/incomplete response received

If you do not receive a response, or if you do not think that you have been supplied with all the personal data to which you are entitled, you have several options:
  • Take a common sense approach and contact the organisation explaining that you have made a SAR but have not received a response, and ask when you will receive the information requested.
    • This letter should ideally seek a written confirmation from the organisation.  
    • Sample letters are available below if you wish to use them.
  • If this fails to get a response, or if you would rather not take that step, you can complain to the Information Commissioner.
  • Refer the matter directly to the High Court.