Responsible use of CCTV on domestic property

CCTV is usually considered as a means to safeguard you and your property against crime. The local police will have advice about crime prevention. Better locks or security lighting, for example, may be a more effective way of securing your property.

The guiding principle throughout the deployment of CCTV should be checking at each stage that its use is necessary and not disproportionate.

In deciding whether CCTV is necessary think about the problem you are trying to address and the best solution to it.

Ask yourself:

It is advisable to discuss the installation of CCTV with your neighbours, particularly where it is likely that the field of view may cover some of their property.  Demonstrating what is being recorded can alleviate concerns over intrusion.    

Many CCTV systems now come with audio recording facilities. Audio recording is particularly privacy intrusive and in the vast majority of cases where CCTV is being used audio recording should be disabled.