Freedom of Information

All Freedom of Information Act guidance issued by the Information Commissioner are searchable within this area. 

Please note that the contents are intended for guidance purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.

Document Name File Type Size
Section 20 Information available by other means Absolute Exemption PDF 138KB
Section 21Court Information Absolute Exemption PDF 238.7KB
Section 22 Parliamentary Privilege Absolute Exemption PDF 115KB
Section 23 Communications with the Crown Absolute Exemption PDF 111.7KB
Section 24 International Agreements Absolute Exemption PDF 116.6KB
Section 25 Personal Data Absolute Exemption PDF 165.4KB
Section 26 Information provided in confidence Absolute Exemption PDF 136.2KB
Section 27 Disclosure restricted by law Absolute Exemption PDF 125.9KB
Section 28 National security and defence PDF 307.2KB
Section 29 International relations PDF 129.5KB
Section 30 Economy and commercial interests PDF 133.8KB
Section 31 Investigations and legal proceedings PDF 142.1KB
Section 32 Law enforcement PDF 148.4KB
Section 33 Audit functions PDF 114.1KB
Section 34 Formulation of policy PDF 128KB
Section 35 Conduct of public business PDF 135.5KB
Section 36 Health and safety PDF 119.4KB
Section 37 Research and natural resources PDF 120.3KB
Section 38 Qualified exempt communications with the Crown PDF 125.5KB
Section 39 Qualified exempt personal information PDF 116.1KB
Section 40 Legal professional privilege PDF 144.1KB
Section 41 Information for future publication PDF 130.5KB
The public interest PDF 133.1KB
Prejudice and likelihood PDF 248.5KB
FOI complaint handling guide for public authorities PDF 109.2KB
Accessing public information PDF 93.8KB
Sample chase letter to public authority DOCX 19.1KB
Freedom of Information - complaint form DOCX 79.6KB
How decisions of public authorities are reviewed by the Commissioner PDF 161KB
How FOIA complaints are dealt with – a guide for review applicants PDF 89KB