Data Protection Law 2018

All guidance on the data protection law issued by the Information Commissioner are searchable within this area. 

Please note that the contents are intended for guidance purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.

Document Name File Type Size
Accountability PDF 607.8KB
A closer look at Principles PDF 1.2MB
A closer look at Records of Processing PDF 442.2KB
Calculation Of Penalty PDF 243.4KB
Charities and non-profit-making organisations PDF 104.1KB
Churches and Religious Organisations PDF 107.2KB
Clubs and Societies PDF 105.5KB
Consent PDF 202.6KB
Controller Checklist PDF 131.1KB
Credit problems PDF 166KB
Dashcam Guidance PDF 150.6KB
Data Protection Impact Assessments PDF 154.8KB
Disclosing information to assist criminal investigations PDF 94.3KB
Durant Case - personal data & relevant filing systems PDF 258.5KB
Elected Representatives PDF 116.5KB
Election Candidates PDF 121KB
Electoral Registers PDF 168.5KB
GDPR Toolkit: Part 1: Know Your Data: Mapping the 5 W's PDF 973.8KB
GDPR Toolkit: Part 2: Accountability questionnaire for the Board PDF 268.2KB
Guide To Assessment Notices PDF 441.6KB
Guide To Enforcement Notices PDF 493.4KB
Guide To Information Notices PDF 490.7KB
Guide To Penalty Notices PDF 518.6KB
How the Commissioner handles data protection complaints PDF 157.3KB
Identity Theft and Identity Fraud PDF 108.2KB
Introduction to the new Isle of Man data protection law PDF 89.3KB
Know Your Data - Mapping Pages DOCX 26.7KB
Landlords and tenants PDF 108.1KB
Liquidators PDF 104.5KB
Personal Data Breach Reporting Infographic PDF 93.9KB